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Beginner Classes

What classifies as a beginner? Any person older than 18 years old who has never done any form of cosmetic tattooing, or an Artist converting from Microblading to machine Tattooing. In short, any individual who will also require insurance to perform cosmetic tattooing with a tattoo machine. 

What I refer to as cosmetic tattooing is also called Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup. Same thing, just different terminology. It's not meant to last forever, with the effect gradually fading over the course of 1-2 years. However, nowadays we are increasingly seeing longer lasting results that is in part caused by the evolution of inks. Longer lasting inks are not necesarily a good thing for our clients long term. And that is why it's paramount that beginners get the right education from the start of their journey.

Becoming a PMU Artist takes commitment, lots of hours practicing, having people skills, social media presence and passion. You don't need to be innately talented at drawing, if you work hard you'll achieve your goals. 

Fundamentals Course

  1. Choose class dates and pay deposit

  2. Pre-Study: upon paying min 50% of the course fee, you will be given access to our online pre-study and a Practice Kit will be sent to your address. The pre-study consists of online courses with theory & latex practice, guided step by step. 

We strongly recommend that  you allow for minimum 2 weeks of study per area before the class, meaning min 2 weeks for eyebrows, and another 2 weeks for lips and so on depending on what you'll study. 

3. We meet in class on the dates selected. If you cannot attend the dates you have initially booked, we accept a one time only reschedule  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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