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Permanent Makeup
Eyebrows Micropigmentation

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Micropigmentation is the art of cosmetic tattooing done with a digital machine specially produced for working in sensitive skin areas like eyes, lips and eyebrows. Permanent Makeup (or Micropigmentation) was designed for intricate work with fine and precise results. It is not only for facial features enhancement but succesfully used in scalp pigmentation and medical tattooing like 'breast areola' reconstruction.  


 All treatments are performed with sterile, single use hygienic cartridges that offer clients the highest and safest standards. What you should know about PMU pigments: they should be hypoallergenic and of premium quality. Compared to permanent tattoo ink they should not have a high amount of metals in their composition. 'Iron Oxide' can change their tone in a matter of few months to red based colours like orange, pink, purple which is the result of poor quality pigments. No one wants inestetic red brows!

Prior to your Permanent Makeup procedure think about the look you wish to achieve. As an expert in the field of permanent makeup, colour analysis and makeovers, I ensure the correct colours and shape are suitable for you, but of course you play a big part in the decision-making process.


Permanent Makeup enhancements normally require multiple application sessions. To achieve the best results you may need to return for a touch-up procedure between 4 -6 weeks after the initial application. Every skin is different and in some cases one procedure is enough while in other multiple applications might be required to achieve the desired result. 

Lips Permanent Makeup is becoming increasingly popular! Lip Enhancements can be done very subtle for a natural lip definition or more dramatic for a lipstick look. I offer a full range of lip tattoo treatments: Lip Blush (Ombre), Full Lip Colour, Reverse Ombre Lips.

Classic Eyeliner, Ombre Eyeliner or Lashline Enhancement can create that desired definition in your eye area. Even without mascara they'll look defined 24/7.

Ombre Eyebrows are sexy and lush. What does Ombre mean? It is a special technique of layering the pigment gradiently from a darker tail  to ligher beginning. This method takes the edge off the intensity of Powder Brows, for those that like more defined eyebrows, yet soft and with a powdery finish. Say NO to block brows!   

Does it last longer than Microblading?

This is a myth. All Permanent Makeup techniques, irrespective of the method used should be implanted in the same layer of skin. There is a fine line between working correct or too deep, which comes with experience and proper training. PMU can last anything between 10-18 months, its longevity depending on various factors you can read about here.


Is Micropigmentation more safe on skin than Microblading?

YES. I have seen throughout the years extremely scarred skin as a result of microblading. As with anything else, it's the individual technique, but the method itself is more invasive and more damaging to the skin, especially when not executed perfectly. 

HairStroke Brows (NANO Brows) done with machine?

It is the technique I prefer, albeit I used to do it as well when I started my PMU journey. Because the strokes I create are sharp and heal very natural, and the result will be less traumatic to the skin. Machine 'hair strokes' will no longer be scaring visible once healed and can result in blocky looking eyebrows. If you desire a natural look,  NANO Brows is the method for you. 

Read here about contraindications and if PMU is suitable for you.


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