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Disposable Cord Sleeve - 125pcs

Disposable Cord Sleeve - 125pcs

£8.50 Regular Price
£6.80Sale Price

Disposable plastic cord protection(sleeve) - anti cross-contamination.


  •  Clip Cord Sleeves cover your connecting cord between digital  machine and hand tool maintaining a sterile workstation.
  •  The clip cord sleeves is fitted going over the cord, creating a barrier for blood, ink and other forms of contaminating sources.
  •  Wrapping handtool's lead is essential as this is constantly moving (touched) from workstation to client, which will stop cross-ontamination across working area and/or on artist/client.



Materials:      Clean blue polyethylene

Color:              Transparent Blue

Dimensions: 60 x 5 CM

Weight:           Extremely light weight material

Application:  Clean equipment and safe work enviroment

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